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Weekend Vipassana Meditation Retreat

Next Date: July 6-7, 2019 *Registration Required

The weekend meditation retreat is designed for you to escape the stress and worries of working life as well as other negative sensations you may experience.  It helps you relax and allows you to develop inner peace, and reduces your stress and anxieties.  The quiet and beautiful environment of the Center will allow you to find the peace of mind and clarity necessary to ease the physical and mental habits and constraints created by your busy lives.  You will discover the fundamental liberty that lies behind the screen of these habits.  You will have a base to develop, little by little, the serenity and clarity even in the middle of the turmoil of “ordinary” life.  Some meditation experience is recommended but it is not mandatory.

Class will begin early Saturday morning and will end on Sunday afternoon.  Meditation throughout the day, alternating different postures, group and solitary meditations, and various exercises intended for calming the mind and developing the awareness of all that is going on inside and outside ourselves. We keep the noble silence at all times (except meditation instructions and Q&A) to enable our inner and outer chatter to recede and make space for silence and wisdom. Retreat conducted by Venerable Fred.

Registration is mandatory. We highly recommend that you arrive at the temple Friday evening so you can be ready to start the retreat early Saturday morning. Please register by email (


Food and accommodation are provided by the Center. For all the practical details about your stay at the Center, what you need to bring etc., click here.


In accordance with the Buddhist tradition, the teachings are free.  However, Sacred Falls Meditation Center is a community-based non-profit organization supported by generous monetary donations.  All financial contributions are welcome and will contribute to the development of the Center and to make these teachings available to all.

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