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7 Days Meditation Retreat

Next Date: coming soon... *Registration Required

Transform your life.  If two days of meditation offer a real break from the day-to-day life, and enable you to back home full of energy and with a clear mind, it is often too short to really calm down the mind, explore deeper levels of consciousness and enjoy the whole transformative power of meditation.


That is why we offer 7-Day Meditation Retreat. You can really observe, day after day, how your mind calms down and your consciousness expands, to reach deeper levels and transform deeply your vision of life and of yourself.


You can thus fully enjoy the benefits of meditation, which reduces stress, aging, increases your attention span, improves metabolism, helps you have a good sleep, appreciate life more, improves functioning of you brain, and makes you (and thus those around you) happier.

These seven days of meditation will enable you to continue the practice in your daily life and will have a lasting effect (several weeks or months).

We will practice continuous meditation throughout the week, alternating different postures and exercises, group and solitary meditations, and various exercises intended for calming the mind and developing the awareness of all that is going on inside and outside ourselves. Instructions and times for questions and answer. These days in the beautiful and healing environment of the Center will allow you to find the peace of mind and clarity necessary to ease the physical and mental habits and constraints created by our busy lives, and discover the fundamental liberty that lies behind the screen of these habits… You will have a base to develop, little by little, this serenity and clarity even in the middle of the turmoil of “ordinary” life (it is better to have at least some experience of meditation).


​​Registration is mandatory. We highly recommend that you arrive at the temple Friday evening so you can be ready to start the retreat early Saturday morning.


Food and accommodation are provided by the Center. For all the practical details about your stay at the Center, what you need to bring etc., click here.

In accordance with the Buddhist tradition, the teachings are free.  However, Sacred Falls Meditation Center is a community-based non-profit organization supported by generous monetary donations.  All financial contributions are welcome and will contribute to the development of the Center and to make these teachings available to all.

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