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Our Mission: Sharing peace, love, kindness and compassion

The world is changing.  These are difficult times, conflicts and confrontations arise all over the world and many suffer silently from inequalities of all kinds. The project of Sacred Falls International Meditation Center aims to overcome these worldly issues and create harmony between the diverse religions and communities, and, most importantly, within oneself – through meditation and other practices.

"When there is peace within, there will be peace outside, then there will be real peace in the world." S.N. Goenka

Sacred Falls International Meditation Center aims at being a hub for different spiritual and cultural traditions. This vision has been developed by the Venerable Panekhao Nyanadharo on the basis of the Buddhist teachings.


The main goal of Buddha’s teachings is to find a way out of suffering: how can we live a better life?

This doesn't imply to change anything in our lives, in our beliefs or whatever, but simply try to understand better who we are and how we function. How do our mind and body function?

And then see what is positive for us, what increases our mental and physical well-being on the long term, and what is negative.

And we can develop this kindness and compassion for ourselves, which in turn allows us to develop a genuine kindness and compassion for those around us and the world.

Meditation is about this: understand how we function to live a better life, more fulfilling, more attuned to who we really are. And discover the wonders of this life of us.

Welcome on this way to yourself!

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A holistic approach

Meditation is the basis to get to know oneself better.

But then, based on this knowledge, we can find ways to improve our physical and mental well-being, in an approach encompassing all these different aspects, and specific to the needs of each individual.

In the tradition of the Buddhist temples of Asia, our Center offers teachings of various healthy or healing practices, proposed by visiting teachers.

These include:

- healthy diet (and organic farming)

- use of medicinal plants

- massage, etc.

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