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Since its opening, the Center began hosting sages, healers, and spiritual practitioners from around the world:

  • Venerable Thich Tam Thanh is a Zen master who has dedicated more than 30 years to this Body-Mind Purification process by teaching people to become more awake & mindful. He graduated from the Medical School of Laboratory Technology in Saigon, Vietnam, then received a Ph.D. degree in pharmacy from Temple University specializing in nutrition and diabetes. Each year, he guides over 40 weekly retreats in Europe, America, Australia, and Asia, on this purification technique based on scientific, medical and applied Buddhist principles.

  • Ajahn Thanom (aka Ajahn Chagraarin) is a Buddhist monk in the Chinese tradition of Shaolin. He is based in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he practices and teaches a massage technique of his own kind, called “Tairopractic”, mixing the chiropractic techniques with the Thai and Chinese traditional massages.

  • Long Fei is a Chinese doctor, from a lineage of doctors, he studied at the University and practiced in China until 2000. Since then, he has been living in Gap, in the South of France, where he set up his medical practice.

  • Swami Santoshanand is an Ayurvedic doctor and a yoga master. When his master died at the age of 100, he was recognized as his heir, even though he was the youngest of his disciples. Since then, he has been teaching yoga and medicine at his center in Bodhgaya, India, and all over the world.

  • Biraci Yawanawa is the chief and shaman of the Yawanawa people, living in Acre state in Brazil. A former pastor, he decided to leave everything he had to go back to the forest, and gathered his people, the Yawanawa, and especially the last two old shamans who were still alive (90 and 105 years old). He wants to revive all their rich spiritual and medical traditions, and to pass them on to the younger generations before the last shamans of the old passed away. He would like to find a way to keep these traditions alive and make them available to the world, without losing their souls and being damaged by the Western world. He visited the Center with his wife (and first female shaman of their people) Putani, and the young shamans Biraci Junior and Peu.

  • Bhante Sumana Athale, from Sri-Lanka, is a Buddhist monk since he was 11 years old. He has studied meditation and the sacred texts of Buddhism in the millenary tradition of Sri-Lankan monasteries. He also spend some time in China (he speaks Chinese) and in Europe.

  • Venerable Frederic is French. A former scientist, he was ordained in 2012 and is a disciple of Ajahn Panekhao Nyanadharo.

We have also several friends from Hawaii who are kupuna, and we hope to offer in the coming months workshops or teachings about Hawaiian traditions.

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