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The Center is situated on a beautiful place near the Sacred Falls on the island of Oahu. This land is sacred to the Hawaiian people, and we feel committed to take care of it and allow the visitors to enjoy its beauty.

But for this we need help, to take care of the land, of the temple and facilites: landscaping, cleaning, pulling or cutting grass, removing the stones to farm the land... or even cooking... We rely only on volunteer work!

So if you have some spare time, you are welcome to come work with us.

Work at the Center is not just work, it is also the opportunity to develop meditation in action, be more present to what we are doing, and then be able to bring back this presence, this awareness, in our daily lives. It is also a way, through manual work in this beautiful environment, to reconnect with the Nature, which is often forgotten in our urban lives. And work for the community, to enable us and others to find peace and happiness in this place.

We organize a Volunteers Day every first Saturday of the month (see our program), to meet, work together and share the lunch with delicious Laotian food. It is open to everybody, feel free to join!

We also welcome volunteers for longer periods, like a few days or a few weeks: if you are available, you may come and stay at the center, help us with the work (landscaping, farming, cooking, building maintenance, etc.) and take part to the activites of the center. We provide food and accomodation. Please contact us for more information.

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